Silent Lee

and the Oxford Adventure

Silent has just started ninth grade at the Girls Academy of Latin and Alchemy and her co-adventurer, Raahi, is now attending the Boys’ Academy of Alchemy and Magic. Both schools are located through the magical side door in Great Aunt Gen’s Back Bay house. Fortunately, the magically old fashioned version of Boston through that side door is far less sexist and racist than ‘our’ Boston was a hundred years ago—but there are a great many other dangers awaiting our intrepid duo this semester!

For instance, it is strange that they have to keep defending themselves against mysterious attacks—lightning strikes, poisonous snakes, falling trees—which seem far too frequent to be explained just by chance.

What twisted plot is this? And why are Silent, Raahi, and Sie’s best friend Ali getting so entangled in it? When Ali is almost kidnapped (were it not for the intervention of the magical custodian from the Boston Public Library), and Great Aunt Generous and Raahi’s mother both go missing, it’s time for our favorite mismatched sleuths to leap into magical action once again!

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Alex Hiam

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Alex Hiam