Chapter Books

Drift River of Falcons, Book 1

80 pages | 6×9 pb | 978-1-63558-005-1

$15.99  list

She is in hiding, disguised as a rustic farm-boy and forbidden to use her power by the witch who hides her. Who was her mother, and might she really be the princess of the prophecy? If not, it is truly unfortunate that the head of the sorcerers thinks so—and stops at nothing in his quest to hunt her down. When Summer, the witch who pretends to be her grandmother, is captured, Drift begins a quest of her own.

Silvia, Princess Silver

80 pages | 6×9 pb | 978-1-63558-002-0

$8.76  list

Is it just her imagination, or are there really three moons, and is she actually floating down a river on a big purple couch? Join an adventurous princess who has an almost magical way with words, as she composes her own story and defeats the evil Count.

Norah and the Crow Witch

65 pages | 6×9 pb |978-1-63558-004-4

$9.00  list

Norah is dropped off in ‘the middle of nowhere’ to spend the summer with an aunt. She soon learns that the middle of nowhere is precisely where witches like to be…

Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key

119 pages | 5 1/4 x 8 pb |978-1-63558-011-2

$6.99  list

The magical birdcage was in the attic, and when Silent discovers its secret and receives a message from her (allegedly deceased) aunt, this story is off to a rollicking start that is sure to capture the enthusiasm of readers 10 to 100. (Also suitable for read-aloud age 6 and up, no inappropriate content.) Plot Hint: There seem to be two Newbury Streets, one at least a hundred years in the past and brimming with alchemy and magic.

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