Picture Books

Mr. Mouse’s Motorboat Trip

22 pages | 9×6 pb | 978-1-63558-003-7

$9.87  list

Join the crew as Mr. Mouse casts off the dock lines, Mrs. Mouse wins a sailboat race, and big sister Bramble and little Willoughby collect shells, spot seabirds, and help navigate back to their snug harbor in time for bed.

WOOF WOOF meow! meow!

54 pages | 9×6 pb |978-1-63558-001-3

$9.87  list

A collection of 50+ wonderful, zany, chuckle-yourself-to-sleep rhymes and very silly drawings for sharing with your favorite young ones!

The Sixth Duckling: An Adventure on Boston Common

21 pages | 9×6 pb |978-1-63558-006-8

$9.99  list

“Are you my mother?” The lost duckling asks all the wrong birds: A pigeon, a robin, and a bronze sculpture of Mrs. Duck. With a well-aimed push from a helpful Black Lab, he finally makes it to Boston Common’s famous Lagoon where he is reunited with his family. Yes, swans and ducklings still live in The Common. And now there’s a new classic to update their story!

Marie in the Forest: An Adventure with Degas’ Little Dancer

21pages | 9×6 pb |978-1-63558-007-5

$9.99  list

The most famous sculpture in ballet history comes to life in this lyrical romp, weaving in and out of stately trees and teaching dance positions to animals. Children will identify with Marie and her friends—and what’s to stop them from staging a dance performance of their own?

Aster’s First Winter

22 pages | 9×6 pb |Spring 2018

$9.99  list

A little rabbit encounters her first winter, and learns that the fresh clover and carrots are deep under the snow. Fortunately, she’s made best friends with a girl who lets her into the greenhouse. Aster helps herself to fresh greens, and then she and the girl pack a sled with fresh treats to bring back to the burrow and her waiting family. A fun celebration of nature and adventurous spirits, both human and animal!

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